Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Marcus Brown is a music artist, visionary, and philanthropist who inspires others to spread peace abroad. Marcus has collaborated with prolific artists including James Gaiters, (https://www.jamesgaiters.com), Jon Lampley (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, www.jonlampleymusic.com), Dan White, (www.dan-white-music.com), and percussionist and vocalist, Charles Lamont Garner of the Charles Lamont Quartet. Marcus has performed with 7x Grammy Award ballot nominee/music artist Septimius the Great, and opera singer Carmelita Bartholomew (Global Music Awards winner).

Marcus is credited as composers of the theme song for entry 1 web series “Crime City Diaries” (written and produced by Larry “Legend” Spivey Jr.”) , and the jingle theme song for Blue Door dispensary (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).

Since its 2017 release, Marcus’ debut jazz fusion piano album “60 Impromptu Vol. 1” received radio airplay in more than 27 countries. His most recent pop single, “Feel Alive” (released 2018), recieved widespread recognition in the Philippines; aired on radio stations 94.3 ifm, 107.1 Campus Radio, and 91.9 Love Radio. In 2018, Marcus made a special guest appearance on the Ms. Benita Television/Radio Network (Fox 21 Delmarva).

Marcus Brown is co-founder (along with Sharon Bryson www.soulfulmelody.dunked.com) of the Majesty Scholarship Fund, which awards high school honors students in pursuit of higher education and/or college degrees.

On January 9th, 2019, Marcus Brown Music sponsored its first annual “Cuts and Cures for the Homeless” event in Washington, DC, USA (complimentary haircuts,manicures, and hot beverages for the homeless).